ई-घोडाघोडी खबर

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  • Radio Ghodaghodi FM – Kailali Local Voices to Nepal


    Radio Ghodaghodi FM is a community radio station based in Kailali, Nepal. Operating on 88.3 MHz, we broadcast a diverse range of programs catering to the local population’s interests and needs. Our mission is to amplify the voices of the Kailali community while promoting education, cultural preservation, and sustainable development.

    Key Features:

    • Local News and Updates: Stay informed with the latest news, events, and happenings in Kailali and its surrounding areas.
    • Entertainment Programs: Enjoy a vibrant mix of music, talk shows, and entertaining segments showcasing local talent and culture.
    • Educational Content: Tune in for informative programs on health, agriculture, environment, and other topics relevant to the community.
    • Community Engagement: We actively involve listeners through interactive shows, discussions, and community service initiatives.
    • Promoting Local Businesses: Support local entrepreneurs and small businesses through our advertising and promotional opportunities.


    With a dedicated team of local presenters and contributors, Radio Ghodaghodi FM is the go-to source for authentic, hyperlocal content in Kailali. Join us and be part of the community conversation.

    Tune in to Radio Ghodaghodi FM at 88.3 MHz or stream online at www.eghodaghodikhabar.com

    ई-घोडाघोडी खबर

    सुचना तथा संचार मन्त्रालय,
    दर्ता नं. : 071/72/770,
    पान नं.: 602780247

    घोडाघोडी खबर टिम

    प्रवन्धक : स्वरूप चौधरी

    सम्पादक : इन्दु के. सी.

    बजार व्यवस्थापक : कालु राम चौधरी

    प्राविधिक प्रमुख/सह-सम्पादक : टेकु क्षेत्री